If you enjoy building things, working with your hands, or seeing a physical project evolve from start to finish in your community, you may want to consider a career in construction or a related field. Construction and construction-related workers are currently in high demand, with the field expected to grow by 7% between 2020 and 2030. With the right training and certifications, construction professionals can make up to $70,310 per year. Here are some jobs you can qualify for with a high-quality construction training program.


Carpentry can involve much more than simply working with wooden beams and plywood. This field encompasses many of the physical systems that are necessary for various buildings and facilities, such as drywall, metalwork, plumbing, and electrical wiring, so there are a variety of specializations to choose from.

In addition to basic construction skills, carpentry training courses help you stay safe on the job by offering Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) training as well as other forms of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety training.

Some of the jobs you can qualify for with carpentry and HAZWOPER training include:

  • Carpenters assemble and repair wooden fixtures as well as those made of plastic, fiberglass, and drywall. They work on buildings, highways, bridges, and more. Carpenters use blueprints and familiarity with local building codes to measure, cut, and shape structural parts.
  • Drywall installer or finisher. Drywall installers and finishers (also known as hanger contractors) may install or finish plasterboard or wallboard to walls and ceilings of buildings. They may also mount other materials, such as tiles or soundproofing.
  • Ironworkers install pieces of iron and steel in order to build, support, and repair buildings, bridges, roads, and other structures. They often work high up in the air, so this field is a great opportunity for workers who enjoy physical challenges and heights.
  • Electricians install electrical wiring and lighting. They also work on rewiring projects, inspect electrical components for safety concerns, and solve electrical problems.
  • Plumbers install and maintain indoor water systems such as toilets, sinks, dishwashers, washing machines, baths, showers, and emergency sprinklers. They put in new pipes, maintain existing ones, and make repairs as needed.

Building Maintenance

For those who like fixing things and keeping systems in good working order, a career in building maintenance can be highly rewarding. People who work in this field perform cleaning and maintenance tasks that prevent the need for repairs. They also identify equipment, machines, and systems in need of repair, plan repair schedules, order necessary parts and tools, and complete repairs on a wide variety of essential equipment that doesn’t require a specialized technician.

In building maintenance, you’ll have the satisfaction of solving problems and keeping everything running smoothly, and you’ll get plenty of physical activity in the process. Some of the jobs you can qualify for with building maintenance training include:

  • Building maintenance technician. Building maintenance technicians conduct routine maintenance and repairs as needed on various building systems. The nature of this job can vary from position to position, and they may also do other craft work involving plumbing, carpentry, painting, and remodeling.
  • Facility maintenance technician. Facility maintenance technicians prepare various types of buildings for use, ensuring that they are safe and clean. Their jobs can vary widely. They may do installation, maintenance, and repair for things like doors, windows, plumbing, air quality systems, temperature control, furniture, and more.
  • Property maintenance technician. Property maintenance technicians maintain and make repairs to both the interior and exterior of buildings as well as outdoor spaces. They do many of the same things that building and facility maintenance technicians do with the addition of landscaping and ensuring public safety around work areas.

To get started on your career in construction and maintenance fields, seek out career centers and training programs tailored to your professional goals.

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