Career Advancement Services

Welcome to JobTrain’s Career Advancement Services! As a graduate of our career training, you are eligible for coaching services to help you advance in your career.

Whether you’re unsure of your next move or have decided on a career but need help getting there, this is a resource for you.

Note: Career Advancement Services are currently only offered to graduates of the Medical Assistant and Certified Nursing Assistant programs.

Healthcare Occupations

Highest Paying Careers

Registered Nurse $146,383
Physician Assistant $129,619
Family Nurse Practitioner $130,651
Radiation Therapist $123,493
Diagnostic Sonographer $107,675
Respiratory Therapist $100,359
Healthcare Interpreter $73,788
Physical Therapy Assistant $71,393
Surgical Technologist $70,268
Cardiovascular Technician $67,765

Fastest Growing Careers

Family Nurse Practitioner 34%
Physical Therapy Assistant 29%
Healthcare Interpreter 23%
Physician Assistant 20%
Phlebotomy Technician 18%
Medical Laboratory Technician 17%
Diagnostic Sonographer 16%
Medical Record/HIT Technician 14%
Medical Insurance Biller 13%
Surgical Technologist 13%

Occupations Ranked by Number of School Years

Family Nurse Practitioner 6 years
Physician Assistant
Registered Nurse 5 years
Healthcare Interpreter 4 years
Medical Laboratory Technician
Radiation Therapist 2 years
Diagnostic Sonographer
Respiratory Therapist
Physical Therapy Assistant
Surgical Technologist
Cardiovascular Technician
Licensed Vocational Nurse
Orthopedic Technician
Medical Record/HIT Technician
Patient Navigator
Medical Secretary 1 year
Medical Insurance Biller
Phlebotomy Assistant
Pharmacy Assistant

To schedule a coaching session, contact Cathy Weselby, Alumni Career Coach, at

Cathy Weselby is a Career Coach and Certified Professional Resume Writer who has worked in a variety of industries throughout her career including, high tech, higher education, government, nonprofits, the media, and employment agencies. She has had careers in Recruiting, Learning & Development, and Communications before becoming a Career Coach. She enjoys helping others find meaningful work and advance in their careers.