Proudly serving the residents of East Palo Alto with their job search needs.

2100 University Avenue, East Palo Alto, CA 94303  650-384-6961


  • Resume Development
  • Interview Practice
  • Job Placement Services and Career Exploration
  • Online Job Readiness Workshops
  • Entrance into JobTrainEDGE, an exclusive online job coaching tool.
  • Access to Virtual Employment Tools
  • Incentives for finding your New Job!
  • Access to on-site technology: printer, laptops, and WiFi
  • Specialized program serving the residents of neighboring communities affected by the war on drugs. Learn more

Meet our Counselors

Esmeralda Cerrato

Esmeralda Cerrato
Career Center Manager

Larry Moody

Larry Moody
Employment & CalCRG Specialist

Sherah Ceja

Sherah Ceja
Operations Support Specialist