How to get started in Career Training

JobTrain offers career training for 6 different pathways at no cost to the student.

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Step 1 – Attend Orientation

We welcome all potential students to attend an in person information session at our Menlo Park location. Sign up here

Step 2 – Qualify and Enroll

After selecting your career track you’ll have to qualify. This could involve basic assessments, a background check or getting updated immunizations.

Step 3 – Attend and Complete Program

Once you are enrolled you’ll be in full time classes for 11 weeks, 5 days a week. From in class to practical lessons and externships, we’ll get you ready for employment.

Step 4 – Get Employed

JobTrain will help you secure a job after graduation. A Job Developer will be working with you throughout the training. The Job Developer will help to prepare you through workshops including: resume building, mock interviews, job search strategies and professional etiquette. You will also be provided with job lead that are an appropriate fit for your skills and knowledge.

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