What should I expect after attending orientation?Eddie2022-02-17T17:17:03-08:00

Step 1: After orientation you will receive a text message with your registration application link. If you are unable to receive the registration application via phone, please request the application to be emailed to you.

Step 2: Provide JobTrain with an electronic Right to Work documentations. (driver’s license, social security card, headshot)

Step 3: Upon completing registration, within a week you will receive an Assessment information email. (Please check your spam folder.)

Step 4: After you have completed your Assessment, you will contacted by a staff person to review your test results and final steps.

Step 5: Upon completing all requirements you will be contacted by the Career Advisor of your training program to begin enrollment process.


For further questions, please contact Rel Kempf, RKempf@JobTrainWorks.org or 650-330-6462.

When will I take the reading and math assessment tests?Eddie2022-09-21T21:56:37-07:00

If you complete the JobTrain application and provide all requested documentation within 48 hours of attending the Information Session, then you should receive a link to complete your timed Assessment via email the following Tuesday. (Please watch for this email, because you will have only three days to complete your assessments.)

Otherwise, you will receive the link to complete your assessments within 1-2 weeks.

I completed my application what’s next?Eddie2022-02-17T23:54:51-08:00

An email with Assessment instructions will come on a Thursday.

What are the basic qualifications to enroll in career training programs?Eddie2022-01-13T14:50:39-08:00

Individual must live in the Bay Area and be over 18 years old.

I signed up to get started. What is the next step?Eddie2022-02-17T23:49:31-08:00

You will receive an Information Session email invite within 5 business days to sign up for your preferred orientation date.

Do I need my GED or high school diploma?Eddie2022-01-13T14:50:17-08:00

This depends on the career training program. Please contact Rel Kempf at RKempf@JobTrainWorks.org for further information.

What is the process before I can start classes?Eddie2022-02-17T23:52:16-08:00

Sign Up —> Information Session —> Registration —> Assessment —> Enrollment (if qualified)

I am a working adult, can I still enroll in the program?Eddie2022-01-13T14:11:23-08:00

Yes, however students must attend the entire duration of the program, and are expected to have good attendance and be on time.

How long will it take to complete the registration and enrollment process?Eddie2022-01-13T14:18:32-08:00

3-4 weeks

I am not working, can I enroll in the program?Eddie2022-01-13T14:11:44-08:00


Can I take more than one career training program?Eddie2022-01-13T14:12:08-08:00

Students may not take more than one program simultaneously or at a different time.

Are there part-time classes?Eddie2022-01-13T14:12:59-08:00

All classes are full-time, Mon to Fri, for 11 weeks, with the exception of night classes which are 16 weeks.

Do I need to complete the full 11 weeks of the program?Eddie2022-01-13T14:13:17-08:00

Students must complete the full 11 weeks of program to receive a completion certificate.

I’ve taken classes at a different college. Will those classes count toward this program?Eddie2022-01-13T14:13:30-08:00

JobTrain is a non profit organization and has no articulation agreements with any other educational institutions.

Do you have financial aid?Eddie2022-01-13T14:13:48-08:00

JobTrain does not offer financial aid. However there is no cost to students for our programs.

I am getting unemployment, can I still receive unemployment benefits and go to school?Eddie2022-01-13T14:14:04-08:00

Yes if qualified. Please contact EDD at wsbcsanjosefieldoffice@edd.ca.gov or 1.800.300.5616.

Do you offer CNA re-certification courses?Eddie2022-01-13T14:14:16-08:00

JobTrain does not offer re-certification classes. Contact American Red Cross for programs that do qualify.

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