JobTrain students graduate with applicable and relevant skills to make them successful employees in many of the dominant industries in the Bay Area; and the life skills training they receive teaches them professionalism, reliability, punctuality, and solid communication skills.

Our trainees are eager to find sustainable and fulfilling careers, and with the vocational and soft skills they learn at JobTrain, they emerge as committed, hard-working, and successful employees for any organization.

JobTrain graduates are highly motivated to succeed. They bring with them the latest skills and certifications, as well as our career development team’s long-term support and follow-up. We invite you to join the long list of employers from the Bay Area who hire our graduates on a regular basis. We can arrange on-site interviews and testing, or can invite you to participate in a JobTrain job fair to meet our many qualified and eager students.


For the past 54 years, JobTrain has been moving the unemployment
in Silicon Valley – providing career training and support.


How far has the needle already moved?  In the past 10 years, JobTrain has returned $120 million back to the community, in theform of cost savings, increased wages, and tax refunds.

More than 85% of those we place in jobs are still working a year later, and many have been promoted.

If you desire highly trained, skilled candidates who are motivated, and ready to work.  Our graduates are the perfect fit for you!

Our students are given immersive classroom training in the following high-demand professions:

Culinary Arts
*Commercial Food Preparation, Nutrition, Sanitation,
and Food Handling
*ServSafe Certification for Food Safety
*Working in a commercial kitchen/Kitchen Management
*Catering/Special Events/Restaurant Design

Carpentry – Pre-Apprenticeship
*OSHA Safety Construction
*Hands-on basic carpentry
*Math for Construction Workers
*Environmental Hazardous Waste Training
*Carpenters Union Preparation
*Adult Basic Life Saving and First Aid

Medical Assistant
*Medical Terminology
*Administrative Skills and Patient Care
*Basic Life Support for the Health Care Provider
*Vital Signs/Injections
*Externship (160 hours)

Certified Nurse Assistant/Home Health Aid
*Basic Life Support for the Health Care Provider
*Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)/Home Health Aide (HHA)
*Vital Signs/On-Site Clinicals

IT Service and Support Training
*Foundational course for careers in technology
*Certificate program introduces troubleshooting, security, operating systems, system administration and automation
*Networking and Job Readiness Skills Training

Contact JobTrain for your staffing needs.
Main Contact: Deborah Picar (650) 330-6441 or dpicar@jobtrainworks.org.




*Use JobTrain to coordinate hiring events, informational interviews, speaking engagements, and more!

*Go beyond simply reading resumes, to meeting our graduates for that personal connection – essential in today’s job market


*Get support writing job descriptions specific to your business requirement.

*We can help you with a customized referral process that best fits your recruitment needs.

*Interested in holding a hiring event? Let JobTrain host  and promote your event through our Alumni Network.


Have pre-screened candidates ready to apply directly for your positions.

JobTrain will ensure the best fit, based on your specific hiring requirements.


JobTrain graduates are supported with ongoing career development, thereby helping you reduce turnover.

Our staff will be available to assist you in retaining quality employees.



The Benefits of Partnering with JobTrain

Business and Diversity Hiring:

Recruit diverse talent trained in our vocationalprograms for a variety of mid to entry-level jobs.

Distribute your job opportunities for access to our pool of job seekers and have individuals pre-screened based on your request.

Fulfill your specific Corporate Social Responsibility goals through various volunteering activities, individually or as a group.

Marketing & Branding Opportunities:

Co-sponsor, support and/or collaborate with JobTrain at events and conferences that provide speaking opportunities.

Employer Engagement:

Provide your industry specific expertise as a member of our Technical Advisory Committee.

Your employees can conduct skills workshops, provide informational panels, and offer site visits for our program participants.

Mentor students who are starting on career paths or changing careers.


Diversity is good for business!