It’s no secret that in today’s job markets, the demand for employees with strong digital literacy skills is growing rapidly. This is true not just in tech industries or corporate office jobs, but also in “traditional” sectors, such as agriculture, manufacturing, finance, transportation, and hospitality. (Think about how many previously non-tech-oriented companies now invite you to download their apps and follow them on social media—they hire developers as well as marketing and communications specialists to manage these).

Not only are digital skills useful in an increasing variety of jobs and industries, but having them can qualify you for lucrative roles that allow you to work anywhere in the world with a solid high-speed internet connection. So in addition to making a good salary in these positions, you’ll have greater flexibility in how and where you get your work done.

Among the wide range of digital skills now in demand, proficiency in Google Workspace (formerly Google Suite or G Suite) applications and social media are some of the most commonly sought in filling high-quality jobs. Here’s why—and how—you should consider learning these to jumpstart a promising career.

Google Skills: Unlocking Efficiency and Collaboration

Google Workspace is a suite of productivity tools that includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and more. Mastering these applications can offer you several advantages in the job market and workplace.

Streamlined Communication and Collaboration

Why it matters: Professionals who are adept at using Google Workspace can communicate seamlessly with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders, without the need to save work to a physical drive or send attachments via email. Collaborating on shared reports, presentations, and other documents in real time is essential for getting work with your team done efficiently.

Where it’s used most: Industries such as marketing, project management, and consulting heavily rely on collaboration tools like Google Docs and Google Sheets to streamline workflow and enhance productivity.

Enhanced Organization and Time Management

Why it matters: Google Workspace tools offer powerful features to manage tasks, schedules, and deadlines effectively. The ability to use Google Calendar, Google Keep, and Google Tasks demonstrates your ability to prioritize assignments, coordinate meetings, and meet project milestones.

Where it’s used most: Any role requiring strong organizational skills, such as executive assistants, project managers, and event planners, will greatly benefit from these capabilities.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Why it matters: Google Sheets, with its comprehensive data manipulation features and integrations, is now widely used for data analysis and reporting. Proficiency in functions like data sorting, filtering, and pivot tables allows professionals to make data-driven decisions and present insights effectively.

Where it’s used most: Industries related to finance, analytics, and market research often seek candidates who can leverage Google Sheets to analyze large datasets and databases. This ability allows employees to gain valuable insights about project and company performance that can help them adopt more effective strategies in the future.

Social Media Skills: Amplifying Brand Presence and Engagement

Although social media began as a way for the average person to keep in touch with distant friends and family, it has long since been adopted by corporations as well. That’s because social media has revolutionized the way businesses interact with their audience, and doing so effectively can be a huge factor in company success. As a result, using social media at work has become increasingly crucial for organizations across various industries.

Brand Awareness and Engagement

Why it matters: Companies recognize the impact of social media platforms in building brand awareness and engaging with customers. They seek out prospective employees with skills in managing social media profiles, creating engaging content, and implementing effective marketing strategies.

Where it’s used most: Digital marketing agencies, e-commerce companies, and consumer brands actively recruit professionals who can leverage platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to expand their reach and foster customer loyalty. Anyone who works in a marketing, communications, or public relations (PR) capacity needs to understand how to use social media to perfect brand awareness and engagement.

Data Analytics and Insights

Why it matters: Social media platforms provide valuable analytics tools to track user engagement, measure campaign performance, and identify trends. Professionals proficient in social media analytics can extract meaningful insights, optimize marketing strategies, and adapt to evolving audience preferences.

Where it’s used most: Employers in the digital marketing, advertising, and public relations sectors value candidates who can leverage social media analytics to drive business growth.

Online Reputation Management

Why it matters: Social media has given rise to the importance of online reputation management. Companies need professionals who can monitor online conversations, respond to customer feedback promptly, and handle potential crises effectively.

Where it’s used most: Roles such as social media managers, community managers, and public relations specialists play a crucial role in maintaining a positive brand image across social media platforms.

By becoming proficient with digital tools like Google Workspace applications and social media, job seekers can stand out in a competitive job market and increase their chances of securing high-quality positions. Employers recognize that candidates who possess these digital skills have strong potential for driving business growth and innovation—and once you have them, your application will get their attention!

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