Beyond Poke Bowls

Teaching the bowl trend at the beginning of the school year.

By Adam Weiner, JD, CFSE


The bowl craze is—pardon the pun—bowling over the country!

Let’s get down to business. A bowl needs:

  • Base
  • Protein and/or vegetable
  • Sauce
  • One or more toppings and/or garnishes

Each part is a layer. The bowls are not tossed like a salad. If your students are having problems grasping that concept tell them to consider they are building a yogurt parfait with distinct layers or making an ice cream sundae. They are not making something like a Cesar salad where everything is combined.

Please note each layer could be more than one item. For example, you could have a protein AND vegetables, or multiple toppings. However, this is also a good time to teach your students that sometimes too much is too much. For example, having three vegetables and chicken might be a great bowl. Having 14 vegetables, poke, chicken, tofu and pecans would be too much of a mish mash.

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