Ways to Give

What If I told you…

that a runaway, discouraged teen who dropped out of high school would go on to develop an award winning program that works with hundreds of young people to set them on a pathway to opportunity?

Or, that a mid-career mother laid off from the insurance industry after 30 years will retrain and go on to be an Executive Admin to a CEO?

How about that a young man growing up with almost everyone around him either in jail or dead, will pull himself out of that environment and train to become a successful member of the Carpenters Union.

I am talking about Davida, Rita and Al, who are among thousands of people living in our communities too often overlooked because, while talented, capable and determined, they simply don’t have the skills employers need. Until they find JobTrain.

For over 50 years, JobTrain has been creating pathways from poverty to economic mobility.

JobTrain empowers low-income, motivated people to move from where they are, to where they want to be. JobTrain serves more than 1,000 people each year with Career Trainings, Skills Upgrade trainings, and Job Placement.

About 6,000 individuals benefit from a JobTrain program, service or outreach every year. Our “whole person” approach of combining career skills, academics, essential skills, and support services leads to success. Please click HERE to read JobTrain’s full Annual Report.
Please remember that your gift will help fund the programs and services that are the very pathway for JobTrain students like Al, Davida, and Rita to succeed.

Al walks the stage at graduation, in June 2018

Other Ways to Give

Donate your time: Click HERE to volunteer with JobTrain!

In-Kind donation of clothes, office equipment, or other goods – At this time we are not accepting walk-in donations. For more information please call 650-330-6429.

If you wish to donate in one of the following ways, please contact Reshma Putnam at (650) 330-6436 or rputnam@jobtrainworks.org

  • Pledge to make a recurring securities donation
  • Credit Card or Wire Transfer

If you wish to donate in one of the following ways, please contact Patty Rally at (650) 330-6521 or prally@jobtrainworks.org

  • Securities donation
  • Living Trusts and Annuities
  • Asset Transfers – This includes donations of securities, retirement and insurance plans, personal property, real estate, or other assets.
  • Bequests and Estate Gifts – Donating through a bequest or estate gift simply involves including JobTrain, in whatever capacity you choose, in your will.

Checks – Please mail your check to JobTrain at 1200 O’Brien Drive, Menlo Park , CA 94025

Special Events – Community groups and individuals often host fundraising events in support of JobTrain:

To view JobTrain’s Donor Privacy Policy, please CLICK HERE.

JobTrain Services

Who Does JobTrain Serve?

JobTrain students work multiple minimum wage jobs just to make ends meet and still can’t seem to pay their bills on time.  They are the people who have made mistakes, paid their dues to society, and now have to try to enter a workforce that is highly competitive, and find that acquiring new skills is expensive and difficult.  They are the young, who need help deciding the direction their careers will go; they are the not-so-young, who find that their age now discriminates them from many positions.  For over half a century JobTrain has been helping community members by training them for jobs with sustainable wages and providing the support and life skills for their success. 

How Does JobTrain Serve?

JobTrain offers several career training pathways, which help transform our students lives into something stable and sustainable.  Please visit our Services Tab for more detailed information about our career training pathwayssupportive servicesworkshops and more.

Come Visit Us

We invite you to come to JobTrain and see the magic for yourself!  Please click here to schedule a tour of our facility, and have an opportunity to meet the students and see first hand the impact that JobTrain makes on the community.

“JobTrain gave me the two things I needed most: structure and love.”

– Davida, JobTrain graduate