LOCAL COMMUNITY PROVIDES SOLUTIONS FOR LIFE’S TOUGH DECISIONS Food or Rent? With unemployment at 8.7% in San Mateo County, many residents cannot afford both. JobTrain’s partnership with fellow nonprofit Bread of Life East Palo Alto (BOLEPA) has been the saving grace since May 2011. Every Thursday afternoon, BOLEPA distributes fresh, nutritious and FREE groceries at JobTrain. According to Harriett Wycoff, Executive Director at BOLEPA, “This is what OUR community is all about – taking care of and feeding our residents.” For Antonio Guevara, the weekly food distribution event is really about community. Amongst the crowd, his smiling face and grateful ebullience never go unnoticed. Every week Antonio expresses his enthusiasm for the wide array of produce and food available. Whether it’s organic artichokes, fresh corn on the cob or grass-fed beef donated from Trader Joe’s; Antonio is eager to convey his appreciation and share his recipes for the bountiful provisions.In addition to learning about his recipe for artichokes, I discovered Antonio is actually a local hero. Each week he carefully packages groceries for his neighbors in need and delivers them to San Francisco. Always returning after everyone has had the opportunity to fill their bags, Antonio collects the surplus. He’s concerned about his elderly neighbors. Some are infirm, others are unemployed or simply on a fixed income. Antonio does what he can to make a positive impact in their lives. People from all walks of life are affected by hunger these days. Students, working families, single parents, senior citizens – they’re all in need – and all receive support every Thursday afternoon at JobTrain.