In celebration of the upcoming 50th Anniversary of the Super Bowl, the Super 50 Fund hosted a competition for local nonprofits to recognize organizations that are making a positive impact on youth in our community.  JobTrain is proud to announce that our new Digital Arts Class, held on-site at Redwood High School, was selected for a Playmaker Award!

The Super 50 Fun also chose Roz Thomas from TE Connectivity to be JobTrain’s “Volunteer Playmaker,” in recognition of Ms. Thomas’s outstanding volunteer work for JobTrain for over 7 years.

JobTrain is grateful to the Super 50 Fund for the $10,000 grant that comes with this award, and for creating this video, which we can use to educate more people about JobTrain’s programs and services.

To read more about the Super 50 Fund Playmaker Award, please CLICK HERE!