As a former investment fund manager, I know that metrics are
important.  When choosing where to work
next, I looked for an organization that could demonstrate real impact in past
years and a great foundation for future growth.  JobTrain offered that option for me.  It is an organization that for nearly 50
years has thrived by constantly adapting to a changing marketplace while at the
same time making sure it kept its impact for individuals and the community. 

JobTrain helps people secure a new way of life and a new
beginning through vocational training, employment services and job
placement.  It offers full-time programs
at little or no cost to students.  Also
offered are GED, computer literacy, an interview outfit, job readiness
training, child care and access to other counseling and supportive services
that have been proven to ensure success in getting and keeping a job.  Through partnerships with
area employers, JobTrain makes sure its students gain work experience with
field placements and paid internships and then, after graduation, helps them
find jobs.

Maria, one of our graduates, is a great example of our impact.  Here is her story: “A year ago I was sent to the San Mateo
County Women’s Correctional Center to serve a two year sentence.  I was in court when the bailiff tapped me on
my shoulder – all I could think of was my children and my husband.  I could not bear to think of not being there
for them.  That night in jail was the
longest night of my life and I cried myself to sleep.

While in jail, I met with a corrections officer who offered
me a place in a program called the “Women’s Transitional Facility,” also known
as Honor’s Camp.  Through this program I
was approved to attend classes at JobTrain. 
This was my chance to make it right. 
JobTrain was that chance.

As a student in JobTrain’s Culinary Arts program, I learned
how to prepare food with pride and passion. 
I was hired at a brand new restaurant in Menlo Park called The Refuge
and I love it!  I wouldn’t have been able
to land that job if it weren’t for JobTrain. From the first time I walked
through JobTrain’s doors, I looked forward to coming to school, being greeted
by people with a smile.  Suddenly, I was
full of hope. 

After work, I went back to the San Mateo County Women’s
Correctional Center to serve out my time. 
On Mondays I volunteer at JobTrain. 
JobTrain is a way of life, a new beginning, a family.  I am truly thankful to have so many different
families, who have supported me through the toughest time in my life.”

JobTrain’s track record speaks volumes.  Last year more
than 8,000 people benefited from a JobTrain program and hundreds took
vocational training. Our graduates get and keep jobs – one year after
placement, 88% of those hired are still employed and many have been
promoted.  Our vocational training
graduates earned nearly $10 million in wages last year alone.  You can’t
beat JobTrain’s return on investment.

We are all interested in both past
performance and future promise. Donations during JobTrain’s Holiday Campaign
will help ensure 400 student scholarships for our vocational training programs
and employment services for several thousand
members of our community.  We invite you to join us in this important
campaign.  Every donation will be matched from community leaders and
JobTrain’s Board of Directors.  To make your secure online donation,
please click HERE.

stay tuned as we continue our journey.  We’ve
already started down the path looking at how best and most strategically to
increase our economic impact for our students and graduates.  We hope you will join JobTrain as it shapes
its future.