JobTrain congratulates Child Development Center (CDC) Site Supervisor Gloria Gil and her amazing team as they were awarded JobTrain’s coveted “Super Hero Team of the Month” award for February 2016!  In the words of one parent, “Gloria and her team have done a fabulous job of working with the children and the parents to create a fantastic program that, in the 3 months she has been its leader, has had great effect.”

Another parent wrote, “I’m the mother of two students attending the child care program at Jobtrain.  I want to let you know how much my boys are learning, they come home counting and singing songs.  They also tell me about circle time and about all the books they read.  I’m also really happy to say that when I’ve had to keep them home due to doctor appointments they’ve cried because they wanted to go to school.  That alone is letting me know how much they love school and how much they are learning. It is always a plus for any parent when their child wants to attend school.  I’m also very happy with the layout in the classroom, it looks really great.  I love all the activities that are all over the classroom and all the new posters.  My boys’ behavior is improving dramatically with the help of all the teachers.  I love the great job you have done transforming the classroom along with all the changes you have done.  Thanks again for all your hard work!”

Feb 2016_Super Hero Team of the Month

Site Supervisor Gloria Gil (far right) and her SUPER team of instructors (from left to right: Yannet Lopez, Elizabeth Bernhard, Michele Lopez) are joined by children from JobTrain’s Child Development Center and IRON MAN!