JobTrain’s Legacy Giving program allows donors to continue their support for JobTrain into the future via long-term, structured plans that may include living trusts and annuities, bequests and estate gifts, and other asset transfers.  In contributing a legacy gift, donors demonstrate their dedication to JobTrain and ensure that future students receive the same level of training and guidance that today’s trainees receive.

Living Trusts and Annuities

A living trust, contrary to a will, takes effect prior to death. You may set up a trust in which you transfer any asset into a trust that can do one of two things.  The trust will pay you a designated amount until death, at which time the asset itself is transferred to JobTrain, or, you may have the income from the trust be given to JobTrain and have the principal asset be distributed among your heirs after a specified number of years.

An annuity is an agreement between you and JobTrain where you transfer assets to us in exchange for our guarantee to make fixed payments to you for life.

Asset Transfers – This includes donations of securities, retirement and insurance plans, personal property, real estate, or other assets.

Bequests and Estate Gifts – Donating through a bequest or estate gift simply involves including JobTrain, in whatever capacity you choose, in your will.

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