Dan is working at the Everest Restaurant, located on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange. “I’m happier than ever that I went through the culinary program at JobTrain. Most of the other cooks at Everest attended a more “elite” culinary school. My knowledge of food may be smaller than the other cooks, but I have a distinct advantage in terms of my work habits. The other cooks seem afraid to ask how to do something; what I learned at JobTrain, however, is that asking how to do something the right way is always acceptable. And that willingness to ask, and a willingness to learn, are skills that should be taught to all cooks, as it is at JobTrain.

Each culinary student at JobTrain receives about $8,000 worth of instruction – an amount that does not even equal the cost of one year at most culinary schools. But the important point for your culinary students, is that after they graduate, they have no debt. My salary at Everest may be small, but it is enough to pay for my expenses and still save a little. I am indebted to you and the amazing program at JobTrain for the wonderful life I’m living. The work habits you teach, and the fact that no student incurs debt from the program, gives students an advantage that most other culinary programs cannot offer.”