Brian Beattie

Brian Beattie is an experienced Semiconductor and Software CFO and [...]

Brian Beattie2020-01-31T15:04:15-08:00

Dan Finnigan

Dan Finnigan has over 20 years of experience as leader [...]

Dan Finnigan2019-09-27T10:19:01-07:00

Sherri Sager

Sherri Sager is the Chief Government and Community Relations Officer [...]

Sherri Sager2020-01-31T15:09:30-08:00

Bruce Harrison

Bruce Harrison is an accomplished health care executive dedicated to [...]

Bruce Harrison2020-01-31T15:11:18-08:00

Anees Iqbal (Chair)

Anees Iqbal is a 19-year Silicon Valley IT veteran and [...]

Anees Iqbal (Chair)2020-01-31T15:12:33-08:00

Ellen Eder

Ellen Eder is currently a Vice President at Oracle Corporation, [...]

Ellen Eder2020-01-31T15:13:52-08:00

Laurel McAteer

Laurel McAteer is the owner of Spencer Consulting and has [...]

Laurel McAteer2020-01-31T15:23:18-08:00
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