Career Advancement – Health Care Occupations

The healthcare industry is expected to add 2.6 million new jobs between 2020 and 2030. This is more jobs than any other occupational group will add during this decade and makes healthcare the fastest growing career sector in the U.S., largely due to the growing number of elderly people. Interested in advancing your career? Take look at the many options within the health care field:

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Highest Paying Careers

Pharmacist $163,060
Registered Nurse $146,383
Physician Assistant $129,619
Family Nurse Practitioner $130,651
Radiation Therapist $123,493
Dental Hygienist $119,976
Diagnostic Sonographer $107,675
Speech Pathologist $101,830
Respiratory Therapist $100,359
Anesthesia Technician $76,532
Healthcare Interpreter $73,788
Physical Therapy Assistant $71,393

Fastest Growing Careers

Family Nurse Practitioner 34%
Physical Therapy Assistant 29%
Healthcare Interpreter 23%
Physician Assistant 20%
Phlebotomy Technician 18%
Behavioral Health Counselor 17%
Dialysis Technician 17%
Medical Laboratory Technician 17%
Diagnostic Sonographer 16%
Community Health Worker 15%
Speech Therapist 14%
Medical Record/HIT Technician 14%

Occupations Ranked by Number of School Years

Family Nurse Practitioner 6 years
Physician Assistant
Speech Therapist
Registered Nurse 5 years
Healthcare Interpreter 4 years
Medical Laboratory Technician
Behavioral Health Counselor
Health Educator
Dental Hygienist 3 years
Radiation Therapist 2 years
Diagnostic Sonographer
Respiratory Therapist
Physical Therapy Assistant
Surgical Technologist
Cardiovascular Technician
Licensed Vocational Nurse
Orthopedic Technician
Medical Record/HIT Technician
Patient Navigator
Anesthesia Technician
Community Health Worker 1 year
Dialysis Technician
Medical Secretary
Medical Insurance Biller
Phlebotomy Assistant
Pharmacy Assistant

Cathy Weselby

Cathy Weselby, Health Care Alumni Career Coach

Cathy Weselby is a Career Coach and Certified Professional Resume Writer who has worked in a variety of industries throughout her career including, high tech, higher education, government, nonprofits, the media, and employment agencies. She has had careers in Recruiting, Learning & Development, and Communications before becoming a Career Coach. She enjoys helping others find meaningful work and advance in their careers.

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