When a JobTrain student gets a job, it is a long-held tradition that they come to the front lobby and ring the “JobTrain Bell” – which, in turn, attracts the attention of everyone in the building to come up and hear the good news and congratulate them on their success!  Well, today, Thursday, February 11, 2016 was extra-special as a record number of JobTrain students assembled in the front lobby to ring the bell… TWELVE students to be exact!

Along with the rest of the staff and their fellow students, JobTrain President & CEO Nora Sobolov was there to congratulate them, along with Vice-President of Programs Alonzo Emery who gave each of the newly employed their first “pay day” in the form of a PayDay candy bar, of course (another JobTrain tradition)!

Here are the newly employed students and where they will be working:

Javier Perez – Stanford Health Care GI Oncology
Elizabeth Neri – Stanford Blood Center
Anallely Saavedra – Bay Sleep Clinic, Mountain View
Crystal Macias, The Office of Dr. Calopiz, Family Practice, San Carlos
Kenny Moreno, Clinical Training and Research, Burlingame
Dominque James, Ann Donnelly Dental, San Francisco
Lorena Garcia, Direct Urgent Care
Yvette Perez, Palo Alto Skin and Laser
Omar Salas, Bay Area Vein and Vascular Center
Arely Vidrio, US Health Works, Milpitas
Ikrame El Majdi – Child Care Careers, San Mateo

Christa Chacon, PAMF – Medical Assistant Residency Program

Congratulations, one and all!

Bell Ringing Graduates 021116

Newly employed JobTrain students pose for a photo with their instructors, Jacqueline LaForga and Jamie Purnell, and counselor Shannon Slaughter.