The Walt Disney Company

  • Job Title: Production Coordinator

Description:  Three years of practical experience, preferably as a Production Coordinator in feature-animation or short-animation film production or VFX production. Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience in feature-animation production preferred
Understanding of production terminology and the production environment. Knowledge of animation terminology and environment a plus.

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Pixar Animation Studios

  • Job Title: Technical Director, Lighting Tech


  1. Strong understanding of computer graphics, Renderman and the lighting pipeline
  2. Experience with Global Illumination and physically accurate lighting
  3. Ability to collaborate well under both schedule and budget pressures
  4. Possess excellent communication and organizational and team skills
  5. Unix or Linux operating system
  6. Must be able to work alone and collaboratively with multiple tasks
  7. Must be open to direction and able to embrace change
  8. Education in computer science, mathematics, engineering, Media Production, or a related field
  9. Skills in the following areas are generally required: Unix or Linux OS, Scripting or Programming in C, C++, Python, or a similar language; CGI tools such as Maya, RenderMan, Katana, Nuke, or Houdini

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  • Job Title: Project Coordinator

Description:  Must have high school diploma or equivalent and 0-3 years’ experience in project support, preferably in hardware engineering environment.

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