The Broken Pathway

Learn about hidden poverty in the Bay Area – who is left behind and how we can bridge the gap.

The Broken Pathway Press Release

The Broken Pathway Overview

The Broken Pathway Detailed Data Report

Take Action!

  • Share this report with government representatives and on social media and call for better measures, support and funding for career pathways  Use #BrokenPathway to generate conversation on social media or use the sample Twitter and Facebook posts below.
  • Nominate a company you know that is innovative in helping people find a pathway to a career for an Economic Opportunity Award by CLICKING HERE!
  • Show your support as a volunteer or donate to organizations that are low or no-cost to the participant and help people find a pathway to a career.

Sample Posts:

  • Twitter
    • Hidden picture behind federal poverty and unemployment stats uncovered in new report by @JobTrain #BrokenPathway
    • @JobTrain report finds Bay Area 1 of the wealthiest regions in country, but over half a million people live in poverty #BrokenPathway
  • Facebook
    • New Report released by @JobTrain reveals Federal Poverty and Unemployment statistics do not tell the whole story as 1.45 million people in the Bay Area may not be self-sufficient.
    • The self-sufficiency standard, a metric released by the University of Washington, suggests an income need of up to 4 times the federal guideline to be self-sufficient in the Bay Area.  A new report released by @JobTrain dives into the implications and solutions for this pervasive problem.