What is Jobtrain?

JobTrain is a Sf Bay area nonprofit that has helped people in the community for over 50 years. JobTrain offers six different career training programs, evening classes, Power Skills workshops (which include soft skills, like interviewing), GED/HSE preparation, English Education, and more. Career training, workshops and services are offered at no cost to students.


Who does JobTrain serve?

JobTrain students are the parents working multiple minimum wage jobs just to make ends meet and still can’t seem to pay their bills on time. They are the people who have made mistakes, paid their dues to society, and now have to try and enter a workforce that is highly competitive, and find that acquiring new skills is expensive and difficult. They are the young, who need help deciding the direction their careers will go; they are the not-so-young, who find that their age now discriminates them from many positions. For over half a century JobTrain has help the most in need to succeed by training them for jobs with sustainable wages and providing the support and life skills for their success.


Why sign up for JobTrain’s classes?

JobTrain offers six career training pathways: Culinary Arts, Medical Assistant, Certified Nurse Assistant, Construction Fundamentals Laborers Pre-apprenticeship Training and Carpentry Pre-Apprenticeship Training. Not only will students receive full time training to help kick start their career in these high demand fields, but they will receive individual counseling by job placement professionals, to help place them into jobs upon completing the course.


Services Offered

Career Training

6 Different Programs. 12 to 17 week commitment with full day classes, 5 days a week.


Evening Classes

Medical Assistant, Intro to Computers, English Education, and Y en espanol:  Clases de computadora.


Youth Services

Students (17-24 y.o.) are eligible to receive career training, paid work experience, and job placement assistance.


Onsite Services

JobTrain offers a variety of additional services, such as help applying for government benefits, access to legal advice, wellness and more.



Workshops are open to the public and JobTrain students, to help develop skills and assist with job searching.


GED/High School Equivalency

Daytime and evening options available to help you prepare for the GED exams.


Onsite Preschool

Open to the public and JobTrain students for children ages 3-5 years old. Cost based on a sliding scale.


“The skills I gained at JobTrain helped me prepare to get a job. The counselors were so helpful.  They were always on top of everything, helping me with the next steps in reaching my goals.”

–Susie, Medical Assistant Graduate